Thursday, 21 February 2013

Woman Stabbed her ex boyfriend 27 times.

The trial of a 32 year old woman by the name of Jodi Arias is still on going in court and prosecutor are asking for a death sentence. Jodi Arias is accused of killing her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander by shooting him in the head, slashing his throat with a knife and stabbing him a total of 27 times.
This act the prosecutor claims is due to jealousy as Travis Alexander broke up with her and was already in a new relationship. He was planning on taking his new girlfriend to new mexico on a trip. Jodi Arias on finding out about this went to Alexander's house, had sex with him before shooting and stabbing him cold heartedly in the shower.

Jodi is claiming she murdered him in self defense but the prosecutor are questioning this and believe she killed him in cold blood because of her jealousy. The couple met in a conference in Las vegas and dated for 5 months before the boyfriend broke up with her claiming she was getting too jealous and was becoming really dangerous.

The trial is still on going and you can get more information as the trial continues.

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