Friday, 15 March 2013

BREAKING: NSCDC’s Mysterious “Oga At The Top” Finally Revealed

After days of speculation, the mysterious “Oga At The Top” whom Lagos State NSCDC Commandant, Obafaiye Shem continually referred to during his interview with Channels TV, has finally been revealed to the public. And the identity of the Oga, has come as a shock to Nigerians.

Sources close to the Commandant tell us the Oga At the Top he kept referring to, was in fact NOT the NSCDC commandant general, Ade Abolurin. Neither was it the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. His “real Oga At The Top”, and this may shock everyone, is none other than HER EXCELLENCY, DR. PATIENCE FAKA JONATHAN.
Our sources disclosed that only Patience Jonathan knows the website of the nscdc, and she had previously warned all involved not to add “dot com” without permission. This is because the website changes daily, (wahtever comes to her head at any given time IS the website for that time in question, and it ranges from,, nscdc.gej, making Web Developers to be on the alert 24/7 for any changes.
This is why Mr. Obafaiye uttered the now famous words “I dont want to give you one now and MY OGA AT THE TOP WILL SAY ITS ANOTHER ONE”
In a statement released by the Commandant General of the NSCDC, Mr. Ade Abulorin yesterday, he said “Yes, I am not the Oga at the top, seeing as I do not know the website. I am the oga midway to the top. Clem was right.”
That is all.
source  fakenews9ja

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