Monday, 4 March 2013


I have always avoided sleeping
over or living with any of my
married female cousins or aunty
or any female relation of mine
that is married.

Due to the passed experiences i
had with my cousin's husband
wanting to sleep with me , i
decided that nothing will make
me to ever sleep over in any of
my married female relations or
even visit regularly banned
Sometime last year i was posted
to serve (NYSC) in Abuja,luckily i
have a male cousin married and
living with his family in Abuja.

I was happy that at least i was
going to live with my male cousin
and there wont be any intimate
harasment so i was relaxed. But
recently my cousin started acting
funny,making some funny
comments, askingme funny
question, he always wanted me
around, embarrasing stares and
all that. But at first i was
uncomfortable,somehow i was
relaxed hoped that my cousin
was just joking and wouldnt
think of doing such thing to his
little cousin.

But one fateful day his wife
travelled and i was alone with
him and his kids, he came into
my room drunk and was forcing
me to sleep with him, i shouted
him out of the room. since that
day his attitude towards me
changed, started picking on
me,accusing me of one thing or
the other. I know my days in his
house is numbered . But please
my fellow Readers, WHY IS IT

Once that urge comes they will
just damn the consequences,
damn their intergrity,damn their
self respect and respond to their
mundane desires. Why is that
most married men are never
faithful to their wives? Most
women are not comfortable
when they have a female relation
around most especially people
fromher own side.
A friend of mine told me that non
of her female relation not even
her blood sister wil live with her
or even pass a nite in her place
for the fear of loosing her hubby
to them.

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  1. Just one question for you. Where do you live?????? And who do you hang around with??? Yes I am a man and I have never, ever, cheated on my Wife’s. I am now on my second marriage, with my first marriage ended when my wife cheated on me. I am now happy married with my second wife.

    “Why is that most married men are never faithful to their wives?”
    Ohhh I see. This is one of these “I know women do it as much as men but we will just pretend only men do it and that only ALL men do it” men bashing things. It has to be, because statistically women cheat on their boyfriends/husbands at about the same rate as men. If this is all happening with you and your family then it’s a family issue that you might want to start looking at family counseling. I have heard of one or two family member’s cheating but an entire family and extended family and only men? This sounds to me more like a Life Time TV move.

    If this is actually the case (and I have a very hard time believing a family & extended family with no faithful men and no cheating women) I would leave and find normal people to be around. But of course ONLY men cheat, never women, and by men we mean ALL MEN. Right Ladies? I have never understood why women do not just date other women. Women NEVER lie, NEVER cheat, NEVER forget birthdays, anniversary, valentine’s day, etc., NEVER thoughtless, NEVER selfish, NEVER abusive, and NEVER say an unkind word. Why do you waste your time with men?