Friday, 15 March 2013

"My Husband Does Not Last Long In Bed And Now I'm Sleeping With My Ex"

Hello, please post this as you might just be helping me save my future.

My name is Tayo. I’m 25 and might be getting married in December, if only I will say yes to my man.

He’s 31 by the way, but I told him I was going to think about it. To cut the story short, I’m really scared of getting married to him because I wouldn’t want to cheat on my husband. This guy is not even a one minute man when it comes to sex. He is a 5 seconds person. I’ve complained severally and he has tried to take all kinds of drugs to make him last but they don’t work.

Whenever we are ready to get down and he is inside me, he just thrusts for 5 seconds and that’s it. Then he leaves me wanting and he can’t go a second round because his body can’t do it. There was a time I was so horny, I had to go meet my ex and yes he made me feel like a woman. But with my soon to be hubby I don’t feel that way. He does not smooch me, he just goes straight in and then everything is over in a blink. I’m just frustrated and I need advice because he has tried basically every solution including Viagra, but the after effect was bad.

How can I be a faithful wife after I get married to this guy when he can’t even satisfy my urge? What should I do?

comments needed


  1. Why dont you want to marry your EX? Please do not marry this present man. You better marry your EX. Sincere advice, because you won't be happy with this man.

  2. why did you put your real name? and why should u agree to marry someone who you will definitely cheat on? Will that man marry you if you didnt have a womb? Men are very selfish. they want woman to endure their disability but they cant endure a woman's disability. Dump him and marry your ex