Thursday, 7 March 2013

I have had 16 Sexual partners in 2years. When is it too much?

The question for today.. How many sexual partners in a period of time is too much? For girls and guys alike. During a documentary filming in Angola, a young 21 year old girl reportedly said she started having sex at 19 and has had 16 sexual partners in 2 years alone!

Usually you would expect that even though a young unmarried person decides to be sexually active, they are doing so with one partner, hopefully in a relationship. That is certainly not to be the case. I have several female friends who have lost count of how many guys they have had sex with in their life time. Have you?

Then again you wonder, compared to the Guys, are females allowed to have so many sexual partners in a period of time? And why please, if i may ask, is the number count on a Guy’s sexual history taken up as something to boast about, whereas for the girls, she is regarded as a Slut/Whore when she has had more than 2 sexual partners?

Share your thoughts please, let’s have this on the discussion.

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