Monday, 4 March 2013

Please Save Me From My Uncle's Wife

What should i do? I went to visit my uncle in Akwaibom state last week. So it happend that i had to spend a full week in his house. During my stay i noticed some awkward attitude/behaviour from d wife. First, each time am bathing, she wil jst force d bathroom door open claiming to pick a bucket.note i'm 26 yrs of age... She did these for like 3 times whc made me to change my bathing routine i.e bathing only when she is not at home. Again she always compliment my looks, sayin stuffs like; u have sexy eyes, soft skin and so many other tins. Asking abt my intimate experience with babes.
One morning she walked into my room and said that i should make love to her that she cnt help it again... She locked d door and ceased d key... I begged and begged all to no avail she insisted that we must do it there and now. During all this drama in my room, she forget dat she left stew on d gas cooker , b4 we knew it all d apartment became smoky so she had no choice than to run out straight to d kitchen. After d incident , she hasn't come back again... D problem nw is that i'm tempted to inform/ report her to him... Cos all i care, she may highly neck deeped in infidelity with men.. Should i tell him cos tis my uncle is a gud man, vry gud man. Plz hw do i handle tis and hw do i put a stop to her intimate harasmnts.

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  1. My advice is for you to pack your bag and run..