Thursday, 14 February 2013


My first sexual encounter was with a fellow girl. No, i am not a Lesbian, contrary to what you might think as you read this. I was 14 years old, what did i know?
I let her kiss me. Then i let her fondle my breasts. I fondled hers too. I liked it.
Then as time went on, she began to say things like “I love you”  “I miss you”  “I can’t do without you”  that was when i knew there was trouble. We stopped talking to each other.
Did i like boys? Hell yeah

I am not inclining that i am Bi-sexually oriented either, no that’s not what i mean. I have always liked boys.
My first real sexual experience was with my boyfriend at 19. I heard so much about sex prior to that and watched a lot of “Blue Film” at the time. Needless to say, everything did not check out in reality when i finally had sex.
It was the most painful, annoying experience ever and i just hated it.
The part where he kissed and sucked on me down there felt very good. So every time after that, i found solace in the outpouring of emotions and the tenderness that i felt from him giving me oral stimulation in every form.
It began to feel like every time we had sex all i wanted was some good head, then I’d pretend to enjoy it while he made love to me.

Then we broke up!
And it was another boyfriend after that and then another. Yet the same “What-is-really-going-on-here” Sexual experience.
Here’s what happens:
-It starts off great at first
-I love the feel of his man organ in my vagina..that’s when it starts
-Then i quickly become dry down there and lubrication becomes so difficult, then it gets painful
-From here on, i just zero my mind on whats happening and drift off into my own thoughts waiting for it to be over..all the time moaning absent-mindedly while he humps and grinds my wells.

At this point i ask you please, Do i have a Problem or do i just hate sex?

3 months ago, i was with my friend at a restaurant having dinner when she began to caress my leg with hers from beneath the table. I looked up at her and she winked at me. I immediately felt a rush of blood vibrate through my body. She signaled for me to join her in the rest room which i did without hesitation.
We had barely even closed the door when she pushed me against the wall and began to kiss me. I kissed her back, hurriedly, in absolute excitement as my Vagina burst into floods of juices between my legs. She reached for it, gliding her fingers into me effortlessly. It felt so good i could barely stand straight against the wall.
She did it with every care in the world, touching the right spots i didn’t even know existed.
This quick encounter ended just as quickly as it began, it was shorter than my full sex experiences with men but i would remember it forever!

Now again, i ask, Do i hate sex or do i just hate sex with men?

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