Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stop faking it. Learn How to reach the Big ‘O’ Ladies!

So! You have been faking it girl haven’t you? Truth is, that is quite normal. Fake it! Just saw you don’t hurt his feelings by making him assume you do not feel him intimately. That is quite understandable. There are millions of girls all around the world just like you who have been faking it successfully, and millions more who actually reach the heights but do not even notice that they did. OuccCh! How

Well, the bad news is, he is expecting you to fake it. He probably already suspects you have been faking it in bed with him. But he would go on anyways, because unlike you, he’d get his height. He’d reach there. All he needs now is for you to keep on faking it so the love-making does’t end and he can get his.

No no no! He is not being unfair. He is being reasonable. After-all you are letting him know you are loving it by continuing with the excessive moans and loud screams trying to convince him that you love what he is doing even when you don’t. Well girlfriend, that has to stop. And Now! Find out how you can bring yourself to the Big O, and explode in unimaginable forces of pleasure that you never though possible. It really is very easy and you just have to know exactly what to do, where to touch, what sort of rhythm your body responds to. Oh, and you need to Relax!

Studies show that, 73% of men would like to know how their partners really feel about them in bed. A huge 57% of those would like to learn new ways to please their woman. What if your partner falls in this category?

My question to you is, “what sort of relationship are you really having if you cannot express your feelings to your partner, tell him you’d love for him to help you experience the big O, better yet, teach him and guide him on how to do it! Again, please remember, and i am sure you have heard this before, you are not the only woman having difficulties reaching the O. Which is why the O tell it all guides and researchers are going to give you surefire techniques and tips to help you reach electrifying, mind blowing heights you never before imagined.

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