Saturday, 16 February 2013

And The Sun Sets for Goldie (1983-2013)

Goldie Susan Harvey, the driven entertainer and passionate performer, who worked for years to achieve her dreams, moving from obscurity to celebrity, even while many mocked her talent, has left millions in shock, with her sad passing in Lagos last night.
Difficult to believe. But two NET reporters saw her corpse just hours after her death, and followed the vehicle that moved her remains from Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island, to the mortuary in Ikeja, both in Lagos.

Her label bosses Keke Ogungbe and ID Ogungbe, best friend Denrele Edun, BBA colleague Karen Igho and few others of her close friends were up all night,  gathering at the hospital, hoping for a miracle, and arranging to move he body to the morgue, while millions of tweets went out, asking that one question: is it true?
It’s true. The sun has set for Goldie.
The 29 year-old entertainer has left this side; on to the other. No more songs. No more videos. No more TV shows. No more drama. Thankfully, she gave it her all while she was here. But there’s no doubt that, just like Dagrin and MC Loph, she’ll be with us for some time…
R.I.P Goldie

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